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(Gold color) Brass plated Steel Chain, Ion plated gold clasp, Clear Quartz.


Can be worn as a Hand Chain or a Necklace!




Le Minou Chanceux's Hand Chain / Necklace Disclaimor:All Gold Colored Hand Chains / Necklaces are plated and are prone to tarnishing. Please note *** color may appear different in person *** as different stones naturally change color in response to light. These Hand Chain / Necklaces are fragile and are to be treated with care. *** Non- Hypo Allergenic *** Brass can cause skin irritation to people wih sensitive skin due to copper or zinc content. LMC's current Hand Chain / Necklace products are NON-Hypo Allergenic for those with allergies or sensitive skin to brass and other metals. Please visit our contact form for special Hypo Alergenic metal requests, repairs and all other custom order requests.







Clear Quartz:


Clear Quartz is probably the most popular healing crystal. Associated with the Crown Chakra. Used to cleanse/ realign/ focus and amplify energy levels in the body and energy field. Enhances peace and clarity.


Brass: The copper content in brass kills certain types of bacteria. Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc containing trace amounts of lead, iron, and other elements.

"Quartz" Bridge Hand Chain / Necklace

Color: white

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